​​​​​​​Born in 1985 in Istanbul.
In 2014, his first comic book project "Prince's fire: Book one" was published. 
He took part in the animation teams of Ali Atay's film "Cinayet Süsü (2019)" and İnan Altın's film "Mahalle (2022)". 
In December 2022, he wrote and directed his first animated short film "The Maze".

Şehzade Yangını Serisi | The Prince's Fire Series
Published by Sırtlan Kitap

– Birinci Kitap (Book One), March 2015
– İkinci Kitap (Book Two), December 2015
– Üçüncü Kitap (Book Three), October 2016
– Dördüncü Kitap (Book Four), November 2019

Kasap Serisi | The Butcher Series
Published by Sırtlan Kitap

#1 – iblisin Kokusu (The Demon’s Scent), March 2017
#2 – Kafesteki Kuş (The Bird in The Cage), August 2017
#3 – Avcı ve Av (The Hunt and The Hunter), April 2018